Progressive Auto Insurance is participating in Florida state domestic terrorism & violence against women! Here is how I know, & what Progressive has done to me.

Progressive Auto Insurance is participating in Florida state domestic terrorism & violence against women! Here is how I know, & what Progressive has done to me.
First, I am a victim of stalking & my family members were murdered. The double homicide case was reopened in June, 2021. I did not know about this until July, 2021. Previous to the below accident my rates went up 60% in one term for no reason.
May 1, 2021, I was hit by a black SUV from behind at a high rate of speed. I was stopped at a red light on a major highway. The SUV hit me so hard and pushed me into the car in front of me. I was suspicious of this accident. I reported to Progressive immediately minutes after. Progressive has refused to repair my car. Progressive refused to send a representative to my house, refused to have my car taken to a shop and has refused to provide a list of places I could have the car taken. As a victim, and having safety issues, and a reopening of the investigation this is terrifying.
I had my car towed to a shop I found to do the work. I’ve been through devastation trying to survive such egregious issues. My car is an Audi A4. Paid for. Because it is older Progressive is trying to rob me of my car. Offering pennies, when it is worth much more. The Progressive rep falsified information to the body shop telling them I abandoned my claim. Fortunately, I’ve got copies of the communication.
The accident was 5/1/21. Today, 11/11/22, 18 mo’s, I still have no car. It is sitting at a shop ready to do repairs but Progressive has refused to authorize repairs. Progressive is aware: I am a victim, have safety issues, desperately need my car. I have continued paying premiums, full coverage. My car had new parts that were very expensive so the parts are not the age of the car. They, without estimates from professionals, have done no mechanical or legitimate estimates are trying to force me to buy a new car I cannot do so right now.
They are intentionally, impairing my ability to survive extensive circumstances. I have tried to communicate with them & so has the body shop to no avail. They are intentionally crippling me. While I am paying premiums. The premiums alone are enough to cover repairs. This car is not totaled. They are just refusing the repairs. Causing a victim to be systemically terrorized and disabled is a crime and should be investigated for the source of persons participating in this. I am a victim my family members were murdered, these are capitol crimes and they are tampering with witness, obstructing justice by disabling me.
Maybe, just maybe, putting this out there will get me some help with this. The body shop has tried and has acted with integrity that is impressive under the circumstances. This message will be on all of my social media until I get a response from Progressive.
If you are an attorney who would like to pick up this case and file an additional suit against Progressive to help me, please let me know.
This has been devastating.

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