My Uncle Pat (R), was a Korean War Veteran, he lost his life in a different war in the United States. One called Violence Against Women.

My Uncle Pat (R), was a Korean War Veteran, he lost his life in a different war in the United States. One called Violence Against Women.

I am their great niece and a victim of stalking by twin serial predators (Kathleen Kelly Bostick v Keith Patrick Berisford/Brien William Berisford (dob. 6-3-66)).

This picture is Uncle Pat, his wife, Aunt Evelyn across the table and my Grandfather, Evelyn’s brother. Patrick and Evelyn were horrifically murdered shortly after this. Look how small they were. How could anyone harm such beautiful people? Whoever did this was extremely violent. I believe it was the twins. Obviously I cannot disclose all here as I have tried to protect the integrity of the investigation as well but all that has happened is I am continuously targeted while public officials are not taking action to stop these dangerous predators. For 16 years.

Patrick and Evelyn were beaten and stabbed many times. Look at how small, how sweet? How could anyone human do something like that? These twins enjoy taunting their prey. I believe they did this. They continue to taunt my family while public officials watch on.

Uncle Pat was a man to be honored and likely died trying to protect Aunt Evelyn. She would have tried her best to protect him. She was the sweetest, kindest, person. She had this beautiful giggle, she would cover her mouth and make her eyes large if there was something silly going on. My pain in the thought of what they had to experience is overwhelming. It is amplified because my children and I have been targeted by these predators, I KNOW how they enjoy terrorizing their prey. I have been the target prior to Patrick and Evelyn and since their deaths.

Patrick and Evelyn were intelligent, not gullible; in my opinion they were watchful of strangers. They were kind and still aware of their surroundings. My Grandfather was dying and we were together to care for him in this photo. I sat with Aunt Evelyn holding her hand during the funeral of my Grandfather, her brother. I felt her pain of that loss. It was heartbreaking.

Stalking by the twins started prior to the murders in 2006. My home was in Lutz, Hillsborough County, Florida for 28 years. I lived there since 1985. I reported the stalking by the twins right away to Hillsborough County Sheriff many times. Our entire community witnessed this, I even made the schools aware of the stalking. The stalking was very aggressive. The stalking, threats, terrorism, has continued since with further injuries to our family. I have been targeted for 16 years.

It is domestic terrorism. When public officials refuse to act, ignoring women in terror; by doing so, they further enable and empower predatory violence against women. That is where it turns from being stalked to inescapable terrorism.

The predators are boastful because they are protected. They are further empowered to harm. And they have.Yet, I am still not only ignored but retaliated at by public officials for raising awareness. For 16 years they have made it almost impossible to survive.

I still try, diligently. I feel it is a moral obligation to society to try to stop these dangerous predators from harming others even if the local public officials ignore me and will not act. I reached to federal officials as well. I’ve done everything legally and humanly possible trying to raise awareness to protect society and the public from further harm from these guys.

If the Governor, Attorney General, Sheriffs and State Attorneys will not act, no one will. Yet, this should be a federal issue as I have been stalked and preyed on from multiple states now and there are victims in other states as well.

Part of the terror is that they will do this again, and again not just to our family, because they have a pattern of violence against women, many women and children. I wonder how many are dead, did not survive the fight. Some left paper trails. I wish someone would have warned me when I first reported, they (LEO) kept telling me to continue to live normally. What?? You cannot live free of harm when predators are stalking your family.

The law enforcement kept telling me there was nothing they could do when I was begging for help. State Attorneys refused to prosecute them. Yet, they knew these guys had this history. I did not. I asked about their history and they told me I was not entitled to that information.Why wouldn’t they help? Why didn’t they stop them before the murders? Why don’t they now????!!!

Without any doubt, I firmly believe the stalkers attacked my family because they could not find me at that Halloween time. They were going to kill me. I believe they were prepared to kill and it would have been a mass murder. If I did not hide, there would have been more killings at that time. They had been stalking me and my children and family, for months. I left with my children and went to a safe place. The primary stalker was angry and trying to find me.

I trusted my gut and feared they were going to harm my children and I. I feared they would take advantage (opportunistic) of it being Halloween with all the costumes etc. I thought they would act violently. I made sure to try to keep my children safe by going to a friends’ house where they would not know of.

I am angry. For 16 years public officials have terrorized our family while protecting serial twin predators who I believe murdered my family. There has been terrorism before and since the murders. I have not stopped raising awareness for 16 years. Every day, I am forced to deal with terrorism. Because of public official misconduct.

Every Memorial Day, I think how Uncle Pat served this country and his life was taken in his retirement years while they likely fought for their lives to protect each other because they loved each other so much.

These horrific murders could have been solved right away. Instead the state of Florida public officials have chosen to continue our pain by covering up misconduct and continuing to drag us through this constant exposure to terrorism.

Serial twin brothers who have a history of violence started stalking our family prior to and have continued since. I reported right away. If someone (Florida public officials) would have listened to me, about these twins stalking our family, my family would be here and safe today. They still do not listen, they have heard me for 16 years. They still very intentionally, ignore me. I do not make it easy to ignore me. I am fighting for my life and the safety of my family. They still retaliate, terrifying me when I speak up. In many different ways, all of which have been reported to federal officials.

Injustice took my Uncle and Aunt’s lives and has continued to slander our family while I have fought for 16 years to keep their legacy alive and protect our family. These twin serial predators are still preying and no one will do anything about it.

Florida public officials have been contacted for 16 years reporting these twins. They ignore me, then retaliate at me. I’ve been threatened, wrongfully arrested, my son was wrongfully arrested, my brother was injured.

Our family has experienced egregious domestic terrorism intentionally inflicted by Florida state public official misconduct because I speak up about the truth that they are trying to conceal. I wish they would work for the truth, instead they attack me when I speak it. They work twice as hard to cover things up. It is terrorism. I’ve reached out to federal officials as well, often.

Disgust is an understatement. I hope today serves as a reminder to the agencies who have our continued blood and terrorism on their hands, to look in the mirror and feel disgust of their own actions and inactions. I hope they think of the lost lives of Patrick and Evelyn and the continued terrorism they could stop. They could help. One decision could change the trajectory of generations of our lives but they continue to refuse to help. So we have been through generations of continued terrorism. It needs to stop.

Uncle Pat and Aunt Evelyn were devout Catholics. I talked to the Priest who was the last to see them at church, I cried, I told him of the twins stalking us, the terrorism I was facing and that I thought the twins killed them. I have prayed, begged, screamed, tried to stand up to injustice and terrorism no one should ever have to be intentionally exposed to; especially additional terrorism by elected public officials. They are supposed to ‘do no harm’ they terrify me.

I will continue to raise awareness of the legacy my Aunt and Uncle deserve to have and will NOT allow their murders and their lives to be dismissed.

I have hoped and never given up on my hope and faith that someone someday might arrest these twins. They have many victims in multiple states, I believe they are serial killers.

By standing up to the continued injustice I hope the light stays on these dangerous twins and the corrupt public officials which may at least slow down their terrorism on families. The twins have had a very successful run of terrorizing women, children, elderly, families. Why they are being protected by public officials for this long is a very important question.

There is always the opportunity to do the right thing people. Please, for the love of God, for Uncle Pat, Aunt Evelyn, our other injured family and public safety get these twin evil beings out of the public where they continue to inflict harm. Please.

I do not want any other family to experience this terrorism. Others have already, prior to and since. Stop this madness, PLEASE. I feel endangered now. Imagine, living like this for 16 years while public officials intentionally ignore then threaten you for trying to do the right thing. These men are dangerous, they had protective orders against them from other women when they started stalking me, and a history of many more. Who is protecting them and why? Most importantly, stop them! Stop this from enabling them to do more harm.

Uncle Pat and Aunt Evelyn, I will never give up the fight for your legacy. I love you continuously. I believe you have been with me every step of the way in spirit, that keeps me going. I think you would be proud and honored that I have stood up for you. You are my strength. Thank you for loving me while you were here.

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