Hi, my name is Kathleen Kelly Bostick. Thank you in advance for your interest in this true story and for visiting our page. I would appreciate if you take the time to hear this side of the story. I will try to help with that as much as possible.

I was a single mother living in Lutz, Florida for over 20 years. A man targeted me stalked me and then went after my children and family members. In Hillsborough County, Florida, I plead for help and law enforcement would not arrest him no matter what he did. He was a twin and the twin started stalking with him. Terror. Why won’t they help me/us? My children were in danger, I begged. Within 3 months, my family members were murdered. They have still done nothing about these dangerous predators.

Our family has been stalked for 13 years in Florida. Targeted initially in Lutz, Hillsborough County, Florida in 2006. Our family members were stalked, murdered, injured and terrorized. Predators are twin brothers both with violent histories spanning multiple states and multiple victims over multiple decades.

They continue to terrorize the family today. This terrorism in Florida exists because agencies have refused to act against these dangerous predators who were last known in Pasco County, Florida. The twin brothers are Keith and Brien Berisford, they have never been arrested for any of their violence against our family. That does not mean it is not happening or that it is not well documented, it means no one is taking action against them. Why do state agencies refuse to act or offer assistance? Who are these men connected to that they are protected while they continue to take lives?

We had no idea who these men were or why they targeted us. We are finding out more as time has gone by, but the bigger question remains. Why are Florida agencies protecting these dangerous men who are lurking for prey in our Florida counties? Do you know who they are if they approach you or your children? I think you should.

That is the purpose of this site. To inform you of danger and seek justice for our communities by raising awareness. If we are aware, we can build safety plans to protect ourselves and our families from these dangerous predators if we encounter them. Law enforcement knows who they are but what good is that going to do anyone else when they harm another? They knew who they were when they targeted our family and they let that happen and continue to allow it to happen.

These predators are given a license to hunt because our public officials do not care about our families. I want to change that and revoke those predatory safety licenses these agencies are distributing because of their inaction against these known predators.

If you run into these guys they work diligently at being funny, kind, befriending children especially, elderly, they are master manipulators and very violent behind that good boy mask. I found minimum of 8 other victims with protective orders having been stalked, assaulted, kidnapped, raped, exploited, children terrorized, their animals killed or taken. I will share what I can on here to hopefully make our communities more predator aware for safety purposes. It is my moral obligation to do so. I wish someone would have told us and I did try to do research. If you are unaware of where crimes happen you cannot as an average citizen get access to criminal histories. If law enforcement, state attorneys and governors or other public officials turn their heads it is our families that are in danger. Not theirs. It is our safety. Not theirs so they do not care. I do. I am limited so all I can do is try to share out of love and concern for you.

Be safe, be as educated as you can please. I hope information on this site will help you with that.



This site was created in an effort to obtain assistance seeking justice for the double homicides of our family members Patrick and Evelyn DePalma in October of 2006. Patrick and Evelyn lived in Masarkytown in Hernando County, Florida. (Please be patient, we are in the process of building this site and are adding to it daily. Some requests for information have prompted this effort. We do have a Facebook page at Justice for Patrick and Evelyn DePalma you can visit as well.)

(To eliminate any confusion, I use my full name because of records. There are reports and court records in Kathleen and Kelly so using my full name is for the benefit of anyone trying to find records. You will see reference to both. Kelly is my middle name and was the childhood name I grew up with.)

MSNBC link to Caught on Camera episode regarding wrongful arrest.

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