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The last 26 days; 15 years and increased domestic terrorism.

AUG 3, 2021 — 

On FRIDAY, July 9, 2021, I received two text messages. The first I did not see right away and the second was at 8:30 pm.

The messages were from the VINE service that notifies victims when an inmate is moved. Robert Jardin, was convicted for life in the double homicide of my family members. The message was (1/2) “ROBERT JARDIN in court as of 07/09/21 and will stay in custody at Hernando County Detention Center during court process.(2/2) Judge may release offender from court. For more info call …” 

Talk about panic.  I find out that Jardin has a hearing on July 22, 2021 in Hernando County, Florida. Where did this come from? Suddenly, from no where? A guy who was convicted for two life sentences may be released? That was not even the biggest fear.

The real fear comes from the fact that I have always believed others are the killers and they retaliate at me and my family when issues escalate.

Facebook page “Justice for Patrick and Evelyn DePalma” Katheen
Kelly Bostick obtained Protective order against Keith Patrick Berisford 2006

This now increases our danger level yet again and I get notified by a fkg text message on a Friday at 8:30 pm? This Florida Middle District order requiring a status hearing was signed on June 10, 2021 and no one notified us of this? 

Order signed 6.10.21

I have raised awareness for the last 15 years seeking safety and justice for my family. I have been targeted, terrorized, retaliated at by suspects and Florida agencies when seeking help.

There has been egregious misconduct by law enforcement and other agencies falsifying information in these cases. Not only am I retaliated at by suspects but I get retaliated at by public officials covering up misconduct. THAT is what takes the issue from a criminal, domestic violence, stalking and double homicide (as if that is not enough) the retaliation by public officials creates the domestic terrorism scenario. No safe place.

THAT is domestic terrorism when you reach for help and get attacked by public officials covering up egregious misconduct FOR 15 years. They have had every opportunity to right this egregious wrong. 

I have been continuously harassed and stalked by the twin brothers Keith and Brien Berisford and their family members since 2006. They started stalking our family PRIOR to the murders of our family and since. I have also been told that these Florida public agencies have encouraged further harassment by the Berisfords et al toward our family (in writing). I have been harassed not only from Florida public officials but Washington State public officials with frivolous litigation and have filed complaints to several federal agencies. 

On July 22, 2021, I attended the hearing for Robert Jardin at 9 a.m. in Hernando County. I have been terrorized by Hernando officials so this was extremely difficult for me as I was already threatened not to be in that county by a high level official.

They blocked me from the first trial of Robert Jardin by subpoena as a witness so I could not attend. They never called me as a witness. I believed that was to keep me silent and away from the trial. I simply suspected misconduct before but since, have found out I was right.

When at the hearing on July 22, I was told I must check in with the State Attorney when a Deputy asked me if I was a witness or a victim. I was designated to sit in the first few rows which were ‘reserved’ directly behind the prosecutors. Prosecutors were Peter Magrino and Erin Daly at that time on that day.

I was terrified. I was alone. I then had an experience where I suddenly felt a strong presence of peace indicating that I was meant to be there. I was there for my Uncle Pat and my Aunt Evelyn. I represented their voice. I instantly felt they were with me. I did not feel the same fear and felt less alone. I cannot overstate the fear I had to work diligently to overcome in order to make myself drive there and walk into that court alone. I was not sure I could push through it. I did with the presence of spirit of my Uncle and Aunt right by my side. I believe they were helping me in my moment of extreme fear to further stand up for them. 

Assistant State Attorney Peter Magrino approached me, leaned over, face to face and introduced himself. “Hi I am Peter Magrino.” Staring into his eyes, I told him “I know who you are.” (We have certainly met before.) After all, he was the prosecutor when my son was wrongfully arrested as a juvenile when lured to the Sheriff office under the guise he was going to help with the investigation. He was arrested with a falsified arrest affidavit claiming he confessed, he did not confess and was not involved. He was also a victim of the Berisfords’ stalking toward our family which Magrino was well aware of. My son was just 18 for a few months when they did this to him and us. My son did not confess; they falsified the arrest affidavit it does not AT ALL match the interrogation video. The detectives harassed him and his friends and my children through the Hillsborough County School system; which was reported to the Hillsborough County School Board. 

Mr. Magrino tried to guess who I was while I looked in his eyes as he was face to face bent over the pew I was sitting in. “Sonsee?” first guess, which is a cousin and granddaughter of the DePalmas. Nope. “It’s Bostick” I replied. He then pondered, “Bostick, Bostick, hmmm” “OH, DAVID?!” “How is he? Is he still in the Army?” My response was “he is trying to move forward with his life.”

Magrino and Hillsborough SAO and Hillsborough & Hernando Sheriff Offices are well aware of the twin serial predators (Keith and Brien Berisford) stalking our family and my complaints in Hillsborough County against Keith & Brien Berisford et. al.. 

Our family was terrorized post stalking starting and homicides with that wrongful arrest of my son in April, 2008 (two years after stalking started and murders happened). Six months later (October, 2008) my brother was brain injured in a accident I believe was intentional. That was 13 years ago.

Our lives as we knew them, were forever shattered, again, from that moment on. We have never fully recovered. Primarily because of the continued terrorism that has been inflicted on us for the last 15 years by twin serial suspects, their family members and public official misconduct. 

Well, the July 22, 2021, hearing was subsequently rescheduled for August 6, 2021. They have 60 days to respond per the Middle District June 10, 2021  order with a status. 

I saw Robert Jardin for the first time in my life that day. The fear I was navigating during this court hearing process was not stemming from Robert Jardin as much as it was stemming from my fear of the public officials involved. Now think about that for a bit. 

The days leading into the hearing were crushing. From July 9-July 22 I was terrified. It seems every time I start to move forward and start feeling like we can pull our lives back together another issue regarding this misconduct in this investigation arises with great threats to our well being.

I keep wishing for ethics to surface along the way.  I am glad I can still hope and have never given up. In the last 15 years, pretty much every single day, I have worked to continue to raise awareness, stood up to serial suspects likely serial killers and egregious misconduct by terrifying public officials. 

I lost my family and every thing I ever worked for. I went back to college. Since no one would help us, I had to. I studied psychology, physiology, trauma, cognitive science, serial killers and obtained a BA in Psychology, a minor in Criminology and a minor in Intelligence Studies ( U.S. intelligence, FBI etc.). I wanted to help my family.

I was also harassed at two different colleges when seeking victim assistance from stalking including being harassed by Vocational Rehabilitation Services in Tampa and Sarasota since I now have C-PTSD from trauma. I was forced to take some classes a few times (duplicates) and double pay while trying to keep up my GPA despite providing evidence of stalking and being denied assistance over and over.

With no assistance and more harassment when seeking it, I was terrified. I would have lost complete hope, except for a few great professors, a few black women professionals(executives) who tried to help and a disability director who helped me.

I was also wrongfully arrested during this time 2/21/2019. I was terrified. The Berisfords and their family members were trying to reverse blame on me and harassing me by filing false allegations against me with frivolous litigation.

I’ve never been in trouble in my life. Now I am being arrested when I am the victim and surviving family. Three detectives showed up at my home threatening to kick in the door and claimed they had a warrant. I was never read my rights, never told what I was arrested for, never saw a warrant; except the deputy said “see if I call and you won’t meet me to talk I will find a warrant”. My family and friends tried to find me and were told there were no records. 

Somehow, I managed despite the excessive stress to graduate with my BA and two minors from USF. The Hillsborough County School Board and Vocational Rehabilitation agencies have also participated in harassment. DCF, DV agencies and several other non profits also participated in denial of services and harassment. This is systemic domestic terrorism. It is also federal since multiple states are involved.

I am now registered for graduate school. I am so excited for this new journey and imagine my dismay when receiving these text messages. Here we go again. I just said to someone that I was so relieved to have some relief without anything major as far as harassment went. There is always some form of harassment, drive by vehicles, strange calls and text messages, cyber stalking/hacking; but major forms of intimidation and harassment include far worse. Like now. Now what? 

I found out that the Florida Middle District Court issued an order that Jardin must be released or be granted another trial within 180 days and that Hernando has 60 days from the date of the order (June 10) to provide a status report.

Reading that order I find out that they are also referencing the falsified arrest affidavit in that case by Hernando Detective Phil Lakin of my son’s wrongful arrest. For the last 13 years, Robert Jardin has been trying to appeal and claiming another person confessed, my son, which he did not confess, had nothing to do with this crime and his arrest was expunged 13 years ago.

I also find out that they subpoenaed my son’s school records in this Middle District Court case appeal process which they have no right to do. My son was fully cleared. He had nothing to do with this. Yet, why is the state permitting this to go on violating his civil rights again?

All this while all Florida agencies are fully aware of the stalking and violence of the Berisfords toward our family since 2006. All very well documented (except they hide that truth). Further endangering our family with falsified information again? 

So for the last 26 days, I have been full range, terrified for our safety again. This time, I found records. You see, they have refused to provide us with records, even when they wrongfully arrested my son, he requested his records and they refused to provide them.

Every time I have asked for records, I have been threatened to have to pay thousands of dollars and to be supervised by the Sheriff if I want to see them. Intimidation. NOW, I found records in that Middle District case for Jardin.

For the last 26 days I have been reading hundreds of pages of pleadings. It is painful, terrifying and necessary. It takes great courage and I push through tears, sleepless nights and hope that I can protect my family from further terrorism by this systemic abuse. 

I found out that Jardin was denied several appeals and some of it was because he did not attach lower court records (likely because he did not have them). I also found that he was claiming another person, being my son, confessed per arrest affidavit. (Apparently, he is not aware of the truth.). There is a good reason for that. The truth is not being told. 

Remember I told you they kept me out of the trial of Robert Jardin by subpoena? Well, per the opening statement filed (I will provide a screenshot of the relevant part of the statement), Peter Magrino stated that there was no one else on the radar prior to Jardin’s arrest in July, 2008. Did they lie to the jury? What about the twin Berisfords who they were aware of immediately in November, 2006?

Jardin Trial (2008) Opening Statement to Jury

Additionally, the Florida Attorney General’s office in response to Jardin Petition in Florida Middle District (under Pam Bondi, Lori Hagan) stated that there was no indication in records there was anyone else involved in a state response. I guess all that media and all those complaints (my emails to Pam Bondi) regarding agency misconduct to AG Office went unnoticed by all state officials? I think not. 

State Response to Jardin

JUST WOW. When I think I cannot be shocked more at professionals’ egregious misconduct it gets worse. I knew there was systemic abuse and denial of services when I was requesting assistance for my family. I knew there was falsification of some documents, not to this degree. I was not aware, how could I be? They refused to provide records or access to them. Now, that part of it makes sense as to why I was being treated like an idiot and dismissed while in such terror by every agency. The court records are falsified. 

I never knew why. Nor do I know why now. Why are they doing this to our family? Destroying lives, intentionally endangering communities when it is their job to protect the public.

They are endangering the public intentionally and protecting serial criminals. But why? Who are they really protecting besides the Berisford brothers? Who is paying to play? Who is ordering the terrorism against our family and why? I have reached out to FBI, CIA and others regarding these questions. I could completely relate with the Capitol Police when they testified last week about the terrorism and trauma inflicted. 

August 6, 2021, or before, I pray they do the right thing. Arrest the Berisfords and provide a status report that there will be trials for them for the excessive stalking and murders of our family.

I hope they will change course for justice, the truth, ethics, morality and finally give our family the relief from this 15 years of terrorism so we can move forward and heal. They have been inflicting poison on an open wound impacting several generations, ripping families apart with lies, terrorizing communities that have witnessed this.

They have intentionally destroyed many young lives, not to mention the credibility of these public agencies and their relationship to the public being compromised.

Time to get this right Hernando County and State of Florida. Arrest the Berisfords for their crimes against our family and anyone else who may have assisted them in their terror against our family. It is not our family. We deserve to heal. We cannot do that while under constant attack.

15 years is stolen from us, family members lives taken or severely compromised and those losses can never be repaired. 

IF action to stop the Berisfords 15 years ago would have taken place when I requested help from extreme stalking in Hillsborough County in 2006, prior to the murders, all of this would not exist.

Instead of admitting there are egregious wrongs, they have worked diligently to cover up that truth which has severely compromised our lives and many others. All public agencies knew about the Berisford’s stalking and violence against our family prior to the murders in 2006, and continuing since the murders to date.There is no shortage of witnesses and evidence to those facts. Except public officials chose to protect the Berisfords thus far no matter how much they harm our family. 

I have met with the FBI in Tampa, met with FDLE agents in my home, communicated with a special task force agent with FBI and have reached out to a few US Presidents, CIA and many others.

Obviously, if the court records are falsified burying the truth and the investigative documents are falsified, no wonder no one will help us. 15 years, every day, I have worked to raise awareness of this terrorism. Pleading with public officials and they knowingly, intentionally, ignored my cries and documents informing them of the truth. Trust me, they had to work to ignore me. I did not make that easy. 

Maybe someone finally heard me and that is why this order was issued from the Middle District. President Biden was it you?  I pray so.

I pray that they stop retaliating at our family and get the right ones (Berisfords) who are still free to harm others, and put them in prison for life. 

These last 26 days have been brutal. They have also been validating when finally seeing the truth of the misconduct I have suspected and that these documents filed in courts were also lies, 15 years in. Why? Is the question.

The ONLY resolution is to arrest the Berisfords for the stalking, violence and murders of our family. Put them away for life so the rest of us can live ours. 

I have not slept, been sick at my stomach, having nightmares again, fear for our safety, reading reports that are so painful to read, cried tears I did not think I have left and again. They are trying to steal my hope for a future without terrorism.

I pray this will be the beginning of setting these records straight instead of more terrorism. It is the right thing to do Hernando/State of Florida.

I hope the federal agencies are watching and will assist if there is any further attempt to harm our family. 

This writing took much courage, as I am well aware that I may be additionally harmed for speaking up. I am also well aware that silence empowers only the injustices against our society. I am not willing to participate in the silence of our society.

I am interested only in empowering victims to share their truth to empower victims’ recovery from violent events. Let my voice, be no longer silenced but speak for all victims of these egregious acts and those who are no longer with us. 

I contemplated much before publishing this post. It is a difficult decision. In the past 15 years, my silence at any time which would have only been wishful thinking that the authorities were ethically doing their jobs and protecting the ongoing investigation; turned out to not be the case and only served to cause us 15 years of anguish. I must speak up and try to stay in front of this for safety reasons for our family in order to try to reduce the chances of any further harm.

It has been very obvious when given the choice, the public officials are not acting on behalf of our best interests to eliminate continued threats toward our family. I hope they use this opportunity to make alternative decisions to assist us in lieu of further harm. 

For 15 years, I have spoke up against injustice. If I am silent now that is all for naught. I cannot let that happen. I walk my talk. I have children watching and will have to also explain for generations to come what has transpired due to egregious misconduct of elected officials. It would be nice for it to end up an ethical situation. Uncle Pat and Aunt Evelyn, my family, this is for all of you and all other victims who need a voice. With love, Kel

Federal Government Investigate homicide cases Veteran Patrick and wife Evelyn DePalma

Side note: Another interesting find, several documents indicate.. “your mom is an attorney right?” .. WRONG, I have never implied or acted as if I were an attorney. Nor have I ever attempted to practice law without a license and would not. In addition, any employee I ever trained was clearly instructed to NEVER allow that assumption of themselves or of me. 

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