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10/15/21 retrial (5th) pretrial of Robert Jardin

Yesterday, 10/15/2021 I attended another hearing in Brooksville, Hernando County, Florida. This hearing was another ‘status pretrial’. Robert Jardin was convicted for two life sentences for double homicide of my family members and other charges.

His attorney, Matthew J. Wells (not verbatim) expressed he does not yet have needed discovery. This will impede him from properly preparing and ethical representation of Robert Jardin in the short amount of time until trial date of 11/1/21 (they have been doing this since July, 2021).

The federal Judge Merryday, gave them 180 days in a June 10, 2021 order to retry or release Jardin. This case has gone on for 15 years.My family members were murdered in October of 2006. We continue to be dragged through this terrorism as the real killers are still free to do harm. This is absolutely Florida Terrorism.

To sit in the court room and watch all these professionals continue this chase their tails, keep circling same issues on the tax payers dime is nauseating.

They are aware of other predators, serial predators, likely serial killers. Prosecutor Peter Magrino is well aware of other suspects, Keith Patrick Berisford and Brien William Berisford who started stalking our family prior to the murders in Hillsborough County, Florida and they and their family members have continued stalking and harassment since for the last 15 years.

Prosecutor Magrino at this hearing told the Judge that he is ready for the trial, has talked to witnesses and has them prepared to proceed 11/1/21. (We have not been contacted by any agency regarding this retrial except VINE notifications when Jardin was initially moved.)

Jardin’s attorney said it would not be appropriate for them to proceed without needed discovery and he could not prepare in time. The trial was moved to 11/28 with pretrial on 11/9.

Being a victim of excessive stalking by serial predators for 15 years, and going to hearings every two weeks or so without being recognized as a victim while they continue to bury the truth is continued violation of our civil rights, continued terrorism, re-victimization. Most of all it is extremely cruel.

I show up each time spending my days overcoming the fear, and terrorism in hope for the truth and justice for my family. I am not seeing the signs that they are going to do the right thing yet.

I remain hopeful that they will do the right thing. Which is arrest the Berisfords et al. for their 15 year reign of terror, murders, injuries to our family.

Our family deserves the right to live free of terrorism.

This is painful, cruel, terrifying when you see public officials drag out an issue they KNOW IS TERRORISM to an entire family and communities. At this point in 15 years so many civilians have been impacted. You would think they would shift gears.

Hernando County Sheriff was fully informed in 2006 immediately after the murders, of the Berisfords’ stalking our family prior to and since the murders. They did not take action in 2006 and have not since. For 15 years the Berisfords have been protected and even encouraged by elected officials to further harass us. Why?Why is the State Attorney and Sheriff continuing to deny this knowledge?

Who should I be more terrified of the state of Florida public officials or serial killers? THIS IS TERRORISM BY Florida Officials.

The pain I go through each hearing is surreal. The terror I feel going through this is not describable. But I must be there, I am the voice of my family members and I am going to use it.

I am going to continue to stand up for Patrick and Evelyn DePalma, all of our other family, communities and this beautiful state that belongs to the people, not the terrorists running this investigation.

I wish media would get involved and put a spotlight on this. They were certainly everywhere when they wrongfully arrested my son and the Sheriff published LIES two years after the murders. The detective Phil Lakin falsified the arrest affidavit it does not match the video. Magrino knows this.

Why are they protecting serial predators, likely serial killers, who have terrorized many women and children and others? These twin brothers are dangerous and they know it. They (Keith and Brien Berisford 6-3-66) are last known in Pasco County, Florida and they are likely mingling with your families. You should be concerned. This is not just about us.

These elected officials are fully aware. I have informed all state officials, CIA, FBI, DOJ and many others.

I hoped at the beginning of this process when I got the first text message from VINE (July 9, 2021) that Jardin was being moved and had hearings that they would FINALLY do the right thing.

180 days from the Florida Middle District order by Judge Merryday should be approx 12/10/21. I have not done the math, but I have been to 5 hearings dragging this out since July 22, 2021.

Where is the media? This trial is not happening they are just dragging it out.

While our family has to be on high alert for the danger lurking. FLORIDA DOMESTIC TERRORISM.

Where are you FBI, CIA, DOJ??? President Biden?

This is hard and should not be all on me. I should have support and help and protection.

I will be releasing more information soon.

They could have had the Berisfords arrested immediately there was plenty of evidence. They are protecting them. It has become even more obvious in the last few months and I am completely disgusted.

We are in danger. This is awful and they keep dancing around this issue with our lives on the line. 15 years of it.. several lives lost and injured, many psychologically terrorized and no ethics in sight.

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