Are detectives & prosecutors allowed to lie on the stand during a criminal trial?Asking for my murdered family members & re-victimized family.

Are detectives allowed to lie on the stand when called as a witness in a criminal trial? Does the oath to tell the truth not apply when it is public official, law enforcement personnel or detectives or prosecutors? How about medical examiners?

Asking on behalf of my family members, Patrick and Evelyn DePalma; their murders happened in 2006 in Hernando County, Florida. There has been excessive misconduct in the local investigation. For 16 years. This case started with Kathleen Kelly Bostick being stalked in Lutz, Florida (Hillsborough County court records.). Stalked by serial twin predators, Keith Patrick Berisford and Brien William Berisford, who started stalking me then stalked my children and my family starting in Summer, 2006. No one would help me. No one could understand why dangerous serial predators were being protected by public officials.

Then our family members were murdered and officials covered up the truth that they knew about the stalkers prior to the murders. And they are still covering it up, most recently in the retrial of another man who was arrested for felony murder, Robert William Jardin, in a Hernando County retrial.

Despite that in the retrial last week, an FBI agent (Friedman) testified that there were others that could not be excluded in the evidence that they had; and specifically named the Berisfords when asked who the ‘others’ were. Jardin’s attorney is Matthew Wells. I couldn’t breathe, I was having visceral responses because for 16 years my family has been subjected to terrorism intentionally, while officials clearly knew all along that these serial twin predators are likely the killers, dangerous to the public, yet have empowered them to continue. Most egregiously, officials retaliated at me, compromising my children in attempts to force me into silence. Domestic terrorism, nothing less.

The Federal Court Judge Merryday ordered release or a retrial of Robert William Jardin in June, 2021. There were 8 scheduled trials and at each pre-trial the trial was rescheduled for 6 months reaching 180 day time limit of the order. I was at every one of them. Florida Attorney General, Ashley Moody’s office requested an extension. (Jardin v Department of Corrections, Florida Middle District.) The Federal Court extended the order giving the State of Florida until April 11, 2022 to release or retry.

The pretrial was on March 3, 2022. I did not attend, I felt safety was an issue. Since all previous trials had been cancelled at the pretrials, I figured I would wait and see if the trial went forward and be there. It did and I was there every day, March 7, 2022 through the week.

Well, let’s just say everyone who testified was not honest. I have been directly harassed by some of these people continuing to give false statements in the new trial that were continuing to cover up the truths of a horrific crime.

Most recently, I have been harassed through the University of South Florida, where a few of the detectives who have worked on the case are very active, specifically, one of them is George Loydgren, another is previous detective, James Boylan employed by Moffit Security. Detective Phil Lakin, falsified the arrest affidavit of my son when he was wrongfully targeted in 2008. James Boylan is married to the person who did forensics. Randy Williamson a detective, contacted me harassing me, causing me to miss a scheduled appointment; ironically when I applied for assistance and qualified for support by Vocational Rehabilitation. I was harassed at HCC, Hillsborough Community College during that time. I could not understand why all of these places were denying me services. Now it makes more sense, they were systemically harassing me behind the scenes to cover up the misconduct.

During my time at USF, I have been threatened to be kicked out of my program, denied entry to others and denied assistance by victim advocates when I had to go to court etc. which forced me to double pay for some classes, caused my GPA to spiral and this behavior was systemic throughout impacting financial aid etc.

These rogue actors have worked diligently to attack my credibility, the credibility of children, and cause me to be denied services in literally every path I have taken to try to survive these horrific events. This week, identities were further revealed. I knew some of them from their direct harassment, and much documentation I was given regarding the investigation and fully expected they may appear and it would be hard to sit there and listen to them if they compound their lies and their behavior but I had to be there. I had to see it with my own eyes. I did. More was confirmed to explain the gaslighting and terrorism toward our family. THIS is why women are killed everyday and their children are compromised, egregious misconduct empowering predators and attacking victims.

It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Going to a town I hate due to experience where officials have knowingly, intentionally and continuously for 16 years, terrorized my family with unethical behavior.

Last week, every day, for 5 days I got up at 5 a.m. to prepare and drive to a place I consider to be hell. I sat very unwelcome in a courtroom where egregious misconduct continues. The toxic air so thick it was difficult to breathe and the visceral stress responses coming from feeling under threat were almost unbearable. Feeling in further danger yet, praying for presence of all truth to present. Truth was not present. The feelings of disgust at the behavior of human beings who are supposed to be protecting our community perjuring themselves to cover up and protect serial predators is indescribable. Further the fact that they attacked innocent children and a single mom who were already terrorized by being stalked by serial predators, their family members were attacked and killed. Then the family was attacked by the officials who should have been protecting them; with lies, systemic misconduct through the Department of Children and Families, Department of Education and many others. The strength it has taken me to stand up to all of this is nothing I could ever adequately describe, I can come pretty close and have through the years reaching out to federal and local agencies pleading for a shift in actions, hoping they would finally do the right thing. For 16 years. That hope is what kept me pushing through the terror on behalf of my family.

Crushed by details of the crime. Knowing jurors in the room were not getting the truth to make an appropriate decision. The moment when I realized they were not going to get the truth yet, asked to rule on other’s lives, was deflating.

Tears streamed as I witnessed the opportunity for officials to do the ‘right thing’ to be honest, as that dwindled and I realized it did not appear that was going to happen, I couldn’t breathe at times but had to hold it together in the court room. These were MY loved ones that were 79 and 84 and beaten and stabbed multiple times. Horrific, worse is the stalkers were preying on our family prior to the murders and have since because of the egregious public official misconduct, they were enabled. Then I was retaliated at for the last 16 years for raising my voice to truth.

Exhausted, distraught but I kept going, kept pushing through, minute by minute, doing breathing exercises, day after day so that I could be there as a witness for my family. I had to convince my brain and body to keep going. I wanted to collapse. I begged my spiritual helpers to hold me up so I could do this for my family. These public officials have terrorized and kept our family under continuous threat. Harassed my children and me through the school system. They have pitted family against family by spinning lies and stories to discredit some and manipulate others while destroying every path to reach for help because they are the ‘authorities’ who have power with positions to discredit the truth. In lieu of supporting the truth they have worked twice as hard to cover it up.

While concerned for my safety definitely under threat, I was there to stand up for my family in silent protest because no one wanted me to speak, because they know, I know they are unethical. I sat in silence, alone. I wanted to scream, I wanted to cry, I could barely breathe. But I did it, I was there every fucking miserable day of it. I saw more truth that others would not have picked up on because they do NOT know the truth.

Yesterday, I called the FBI again. The process has been grueling. The excessive energy it takes to stand up for yourself and your family against such vile evil for a moment is surreal. For 16 years, no words. I am exhausted. It would be nice if I had some help, you know like someone with more authority to stand up against these beasts. I do not. There are a few who have done what they could. Even if it was just voicing hope for me or encouraging me with words to keep going or helping support in a moment of despair. I try to protect them because it is not unusual for those who help me to be compromised. Retaliation has been a strong thread by these officials. I have seen it multiple times and if anyone would ever listen, they could easily see the pattern of terrorism.

March 1, 2021, I wrote a brief to USF President Steven Currall and copied the U.S. President, Joe Biden. Yet, here I am still over a year later, fighting for survival and safety for my family. While serial twin predators with a history of violence get away with murder and more.

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