Systemic terrorism, where is this coming from? Could it be…hockey?

November, 2003, my oldest; step daughter, insisted we go out for my birthday. I was reluctant, did not want to go out. They insisted they were not allowing me to stay in for my birthday, they were on their way to get me. I threw on a pair of jeans, a tank top, usual casual for Florida. They were not having that.

They made me change into a dress, a periwinkle blue strapless summer dress. She and a group of mutual friends picked me up; we went to Channelside, Tampa.

Channelside was busy. Shocking to me, I was approached by a handful of athletes that night and denied all. I was not in the social mood to be ‘hit on’ I was with my daughter and her friends. We had much fun at the dueling piano bar, especially when they played “Stacy’s Mom” they always teased me when that came on.

On the way out of the last place when everyone was ready to go, we walked by a tall, handsome man, and we locked eyes. He lipped “wow”. He had a woman near him, he said something to her. She left. I continued to walk by, paused looked back; we approached each other. The group stood by.

A standing joke was when the kids were dating, I would drill suitors and require ID. As they grew they reversed this on me. He told them he played hockey. They laughed, they didn’t believe him. They asked for ID.

The person my daughter was dating at the time was about 5’7″ next to this approx 6’3″ guy. Daughter’s boyfriend was being protective, funny, and said “oh yea, I played some hockey in my day”. We all laughed.

As this was going on, a few people stopped to shake his hand, said “great game”. I did not really think anything of it, just figured it was small talk with friends. After all, we just met.

He asked where we were heading. We were going to my daughter’s boyfriend’s house to end the evening. He said I will join! He was invited, he asked me to ride with him, I did. He had a blue, large SUV. We hung out with the kids it was fun.

Time to leave, he said “why don’t you come to my place it was close let’s hang out some more. I have a separate pool house you can stay in.” I made it clear this would not be an intimate encounter. He was agreeable and said you can be comfortable in the pool house.

We stayed up, talked a while. He had a golf tournament the next day. I had to pick up my children so we turned in. I went to the pool house to sleep. (I am not going to provide all details here.) The pool house was decorated in palm tree decor with a palm frond fan, it was cozy.

The next morning, we listened to music on the patio by the pool and talked. He did not want to go to his tournament, he wanted to stay with me, to cancel the day. I had to go. While it was inviting, I needed to be with my family. He was wonderful, gorgeous, and I was so excited over the moon to have met such a nice man.

I did not follow hockey. I did not realize who he was. He called, we continued to date for several months. I attended all the home hockey games, tickets provided by him for me & friends. Part 1

Hockey, Part 2. Hockey season that year 03/04 went into Stanley Cup Playoffs. How exciting! My friends & I were at each home game. My ‘date’ when he was here in Tampa, came to my house in Lutz, Florida often. He picked me up every chance he could often daily for lunch dates. He called regularly our relationship was growing. I adored him. My friends & family were excited for me.

One lunch date we were in his car (silver mercedes) he started talking about vague references to relationship issues.This is 3-4 months into dating. I jokingly said, “what are you married or something?”. He said, “yes, yes I am.” “WHAT?!”. I was obviously upset. Some may have expected I should have known, I did not at all. I was caught completely off guard because I did not follow hockey or even know who he was prior to meeting him out.

He told me that she had an apartment and a boyfriend so they were separated and that after the Stanley Cup. “He would be all mine”. I felt at this moment he told me because he had to. Publicity was getting bigger as they got further into Stanley Cup. I was crushed. Mostly because I am against dating married men. We spoke about how I felt that I was upset that he should have given me a decision to have a relationship with a man who was not single. I was not a ‘home wrecker’ he said he understood. He apologized. Because he said they were not together we continued to date. (There are many witnesses to this.)

One day I was at my desk at work at a law firm. He called me & told me “hey, if you want to have a relationship with me you need to keep your mouth shut”. ???? WHAT??? What did you just say to me??? I told him to hold on. Left my desk at work, went to the parking lot. I told him to never speak to me like that again, that maybe he should have not gotten involved with me because that was HIS decision. I am single I can go out with who I want, if I knew he was married I would not have gone out with him. Never mind date him for months! He again said he was separated & referred to his relationship as ‘war of the roses’.

Next thing you know, I lost my job. Then I lost the next job too, also during Stanley Cup 2004. I met someone else at the end of Stanley Cup and started dating him. That relationship ended.

I started another job with a group of investors. On my way to work got a call from Mr. Hockey who said he ran into my daughter, she gave him my number, that he thought I moved away. He told my daughter how I broke his heart. Then he said you met someone else? At the games? I said yes. But the relationship did not work out.

One morning one of the investors I worked with came in “I saved your life this weekend!” I said what are you talking about?? Clueless. He said one of the wives wanted to know where I was that she was going to kill me. He said she was acting crazy and he would not tell her. WHAT?? That is crazy. He said she does that to every woman he is in contact with. I did not take it seriously. I was not dating anyone. cont’d

Hockey, Part 3.

While working at the investors office, things started to get strange there. I was the VP to a high profile attorney for the company. He insinuated I was in danger from this other wife who thought I had a fling with her husband.(There is more to this story I do not want to get too far off topic. I will put this in another topic.) They started moving offices around. I got uncomfortable with the environment so I left. I quit. There are also witnesses to this.That was 2006.

Believe it or not, I am simplistic & despise drama. I was very structured. Had the same home for 25+ years, was independent, a single mom. I was single because I had too much to do with my children and work to be occupied with men.

At that time, I also started another job at a surgery center. It was at this time that the stalker started being obvious to me. Prior to that I understand there were a few PI’s hired to track me. I did not know at that time he was a stalker either. This is where the twin stalkers came in. I was the direct report to the CEO of the surgery center who was also one of my best friends at the time, so I thought. Next thing you know, here were are. 16 years of being stalked, my family members have been stalked, terrorized and murdered and no agency will help.

I along with others, am suspicious. Who is it that is high level enough that is thwarting our survival, having agencies not help, inflicting further harm on my family? If it is just the stalkers, why is no one else helping me locally?

I was deeply rooted, had a successful career, six figures, a stable home for 28 years then went to being targeted for 16 years of terrorism now.

The Lighting player I dated was Dave Andreychuck the Captain of the team. It’s not like everyone did not know we were dating. It was no secret. It was a secret to us that he was married, for a while.

I have no desire to cause disruption in anyone’s life but I am fighting for survival. I cannot help but think there is some relationship to this terrorism, if not why isn’t anyone helping us? Suspicious that all law enforcement, all charities which are also supported by The Lightning refused and denied us assistance.

I am not making accusations, I am just being realistic & logical. Nothing makes sense except that I was targeted, my family was harmed; at this point 16 years in we need to get to the right side of this clusterfuck. So we can move on with our lives. I have tried.

I ran into the last road block at USF seeking my degree where I was threatened to be kicked out if I told my professors about a retrial recently. The Lightning is heavily involved with USF. Large donors; ironically when I completed my undergrad, they donated to start a Justice Center. YET, no one will help us?

I had no enemies, tons of friends and was just a single mom in a small town. Simple life turned into extreme drama & national media? Not my style which is why I have not put this information on blast before. Time for a change.

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