Florida 10/30/2020 OIG complaint and responses: Denial of services from Florida agencies regarding serial predators stalking & murders of my family.

RE: Appeal to stop closure of denial of services complaint.

Office of the Inspector General <OIG@dos.myflorida.com>

12:11 PM (9 hours ago)

Ms. Bostick

 As stated in an earlier email, the Department of State does not have any jurisdiction over your concern. I have forwarded your email to the Inspector General for the Department of Children and Families. 

 Candie M. Fuller

Interim Inspector General

 From: Kathleen Bostick <kathleenkellybostick@gmail.com>

Sent: Friday, October 30, 2020 9:42 AM

To: Southall, Anissa <Anissa.Southall@myflfamilies.com>; Jaacks, Melissa <melissa.jaacks@myflfamilies.com>; amie.young@myflfamilies.com; Office of the Inspector General <OIG@dos.myflorida.com>

Subject: Appeal to stop closure of denial of services complaint.

Good Morning all, 

 This email is in response to the DCF OIG refusing to do an investigation into my complaints (5/20, and all previous and since) regarding the denial of services by The Spring of Tampa and FCADV. My complaint is and was stated clearly that I was denied services by The Spring of Tampa and FCADV on multiple occasions when requesting assistance due to stalking which started in 2006, then my family was murdered and the stalking has continued as a direct result of being denied assistance. I informed Amie Young, who then referred me to Melissa Jaacks so I fully informed both that I wanted to be included in the investigation into the FCADV fraud and misconduct investigation as that has long been my issue that the agencies are receiving funding and they are not providing services to victims like me. When I was denied services by The Spring and the Crisis Center I complained to FCADV and was also denied. I told Amie Young I wanted my voice included in the investigation of FCADV because I have been silenced by state agency corruption for far too long. 

 I have never received any services of any type at any time from any crisis or certified domestic violence center as requested for when in need of help with the extreme stalking and trauma of our family. I have requested assistance multitudes of times over a 14 year span.. I was told directly that I did not meet the criteria for ANY services, including outreach or shelter, or legal assistance, while I desperately fought several times and several years trying to get my family help. I did and currently legally meet criteria for services. I have witnesses and evidence to this denial of services and have provided some of the same. This denial of services is what I asked to be investigated in my complaint. The additional explanation of what has transpired and continues was in support of my complaint against the agencies and request to investigate The Spring and FCADV denial of services. Directly due to the denial of services my family and I have been forced into 14 years of extreme traumatic events. If someone would have helped me we would have had a different result. This continued denial of services has caused our family great hardships and extreme duress and is nothing less than terrorism by both predators and state agencies.

 Now, again, I am being denied services and per Melissa Jaacks’ email which is full of untruths I am also being revictimized. I did not say those things. Jodi Russell never offered any services and after that call I immediately notified the Chief Inspector General and emailed Melissa advising Jodi told me there were still no resources available. I do not know what date or timeframe Melissa is referring to when she and Jodi made a determination that there was nothing new that would require additional action. My family has been stalked, preyed on, injured, murdered, harassed and then retaliated at by state agencies when raising awareness of misconduct in agencies. That has been continuous since 2006 and is status quo as of this date. 

 I did not state I was unwilling to work with Hillsborough county due to collusion with stalkers, that is a lie. I also did not ask her to investigate federal agencies, that would be out of her scope and I know this. Those are lies. Melissa implies I received services,that is a lie. That I had a relationship with a certified domestic violence center that determined I was not eligible for “continued” services, that is a lie, I never received any services ever. The reason that other agencies have not done investigations is because it is the job of the agencies who receive funding to do their jobs. Melissa mentions AG OIG FDLE, it is true I have gone to all of those agencies for assistance who refer me back to the agencies that should be providing assistance and have not so, it is a vicious cycle of which you all are very aware. The DOJ Office of Violence against women has responded to me multiple times and unfortunately they do not take on individual cases, two directors from VAWA have responded and if the AG, Governor, SAO and Sheriff are not acting there is little outside agencies can do. This misconduct black hole is obviously only getting deeper in lieu of someone deciding to ethically and professionally investigate horrific injustice. I have requested the assistance of the FBI and CIA as well. I can only hope our intelligence agencies will act. 

 While I am aware at this point that OIG can do what they want, that does NOT mean it is legal. There are laws to protect me and my family from such injustice and since there is not statute of limitations on murder, well, the facts are piling up. It appears the systemic corruption is also piling up as well including new parties to corruption at each attempt to correct such a terrifying injustice. I am not surprised, however, it has caused me again, a great deal of duress, caused me to miss work, caused me to lose time I need to be doing other things and revictimized me. While it is a horrific experience each time I reach for help, I must keep trying. If each employee of the state that I come into contact with chooses to have their foot on the darkside of their job well I cannot do anything about individual’s choices any more than I can do anything about agency misconduct. That does not make it legal to witness tamper, evidence tamper and obstruct justice in such a horrific criminal situation. So as I previously advised, please take into consideration your role in that misconduct because I am. My life and the safety of our communities depends on these agencies to do their jobs. Deflecting and making my voice disappear does not make me or the criminal acts disappear, it only serves to cause extreme harm and victimize behind the curtain of corruption DCF and other agencies have managed to build. I do my part to raise awareness and hope someday there will be accountability for each and every individual who made a choice to participate in further harming me and my family with inaction and dereliction of duty. In the meantime I will keep trying. 

 My complaint has not been resolved and should not be closed just because an employee types a different opinionated version of our conversation and tells lies. The contents of Melissa Jaacks email were absolute lies out of the scope of my complaint and in my opinion meant to again alter the facts to cover up misconduct and created new events of misconduct. What other reason would she lie? I have never refused to work with local agencies, my complaint was because I was pleading for assistance and denied assistance over a 14 year span. The attempt to reverse and blame me implying I am refusing assistance is a lie. I provided evidence that I have requested assistance from the DV agencies and have been denied and I have much more evidence that has not been provided. 

 If someone is claiming I or my immediate family did receive any services regarding the stalking, injuries and murders of my family, that is a lie. Further, please provide the evidence of the same if such a thing is being claimed. Prove it, show me the evidence because I can dispute that too if such a thing exists which I do not believe it does and if it does it is created evidence along with Melissa Jaacks creation of facts which is witness tampering and obstruction of justice in capital crimes. In my opinion at this point DCF and HHS (Melissa) is just attempting to further cover up the fraudulent misconduct. This is further obstruction of justice and tampering with a witness by all parties that are participating.  

 Again, I took the time to talk about very painful issues to multiple people, and took the time to email and provide information to back up my complaint only to be again revictimized with additional lies from DCF employees manipulating facts and complete dismissal of my complaint with no investigation of facts. THIS is exactly how 14 years has transpired and no assistance has been provided because I am constantly being forced to combat unethical employees who thwart the investigation into the stalking and murders of my family. DCF and the state of Florida has had every opportunity to right a horrific wrong and should conduct a credible investigation, not just throw created opinions around. Investigate the truth, true not manipulated facts. They are very available. Except the state is refusing to do so. This is why women and children are harmed every day. No one will listen to victims. Inept, corrupt agencies digging in their heels in lieu of correcting misconduct.

 It is grueling for me to have to continually do this, yet, agencies collecting federal funding are not doing their jobs and further endangering the public with misconduct. Am I surprised at Melissa’s action or the DCF OIG action to attempt to shut down my complaint? NOT at all. This is exactly the standard business of these agencies, the state and why I and my family are forced to so far endure 14 years in terror. My child support is not being enforced, (…) there is systemic misconduct that is verifiable and inflicting ongoing harm in addition to the stalking and terrorism of not getting help, we are also financially crippled. I requested legal assistance for all of these issues, I requested shelter for safety, we have been denied any and all of these things making survival near impossible. 

 Correction of this continued egregious misconduct could immediately reverse danger, trauma and offer us survival over extreme circumstances. Yet, the state agencies refuse at every turn even the slightest of investigation into truth so we can survive. Our blood is on the hands of these agencies, I just hope someone decides to right some wrongs before more of our blood is spilled. We have had enough losses. We have been forced to live in terror, while somehow it appears state agencies are not only complicit but enjoying the show. This is terrorism. Every single one of you are involved. Please rethink that position. Each of you have an opportunity to make a difference, it is not easy, trust me I do it every single day. Every single day I stand up to injustice, dangerous predators and dangerous ‘actors’ of the state. It sucks. I believe there are good people out there who do stand on truth and do want to affect change, maybe it will be you maybe not. I can only be responsible for my part and I am doing it, have been doing it and will continue to raise awareness of injustice because it does not go away on it’s own. While I am greatly injured every time I try to reach out, I know I must continue because there is another woman and child out there that may be next. I morally cannot allow that. I sacrifice my life to raise awareness and try to protect others with no support. It is grueling. It has impacted every crevice of my life with negativity. Directly because these agencies have refused to do their jobs or individuals have chosen not to do their jobs ethically, legally or morally. And there is no accountability for this fraudulent misconduct by the state of Florida which is why I have reached out to federal agencies.

 I have consistently said, let’s start now, let’s make it right now, please. Only to be met with resistance from agencies to make it right. My family deserves restoration and it is possible to change this process which would restore the faith of many that have watched this injustice happen to our family. We lost our family, our home of 28 years, employment, education opportunities, and are forced to continue to face off with dangerous predators and corrupt agencies all because no agency will do the right thing to fix it. I realize this email is likely being mocked as I write and will be dismissed and is likely falling on deaf ears however, it is necessary that I write it. I must also document my continued efforts and journey trying to get assistance in case anything happens to me or another of my family. We are under credible threat. 

 I have not given up, I will not give up. Yesterday afternoon I left messages for the DCF OIG Keith Parks and Jessica Tharpe and informed the Chief Inspector General office of the continued resistance to provide me with an investigation into my allegations and support for the same. My preference would be to work moving forward in a positive direction however, that is impossible when met with continued misconduct and lies which additionally adds more trauma confirming the stance of these agencies to continue fraudulent misconduct and continued refusal to provide investigation, response to complaints and services. I plan to also provide a copy of this letter to federal agencies. I hope for amicable working relationships but will not tolerate further lies, dismissive or fraudulent misconduct in any capacity continuing to injure my efforts. The ball is in your court. I hope to hear from Keith and Jessica today. 

**I have on multiple occasions over the last few weeks requested my complaint be escalated and to be connected with Keith Parks and Jessica Tharpe. I have not been connected to either as of yet.


Southall, Anissa

Oct 29, 2020, 12:09 PM (1 day ago)

Hi Kathleen,

 Thank you so much for taking the time to compile this list and send it to the Office of Inspector General for review and I empathize with what you and your family have experienced over the years. I reviewed the information below this morning and also re-reviewed the response from Ms. Jaacks which addressed your allegation that you were not provided with domestic violence services. The OIG is satisfied with the response from Ms. Jaacks (which was on behalf of Jessica Tharpe, as well), the OIG considers the matter closed and no further action will be taken.

 Thank you,


Anissa Southall, BSW

Operations and Management Consultant Manager

Office of Inspector General

On Wed, Oct 28, 2020 at 9:17 AM Southall, Anissa <Anissa.Southall@myflfamilies.com> wrote:

Dear Ms. Bostick

Thank you for contacting the Office of Inspector General (OIG) concerning domestic violence services.

The OIG requested that the Domestic Violence Services Office review your allegations and forward a report of their findings to this office. Here is their response:

Ms. Southall,

 In response to the request for information related to Office of Inspector General Correspondence Number

2020050144 Kathleen Bostick, complainant:

My first communication with Ms. Bostick was a phone call in late April or early May during which time she provided extensive background on her situation. At the end of the call, I asked Ms. Bostick what services she was requesting and she indicated that she was not requesting services because she was  unhappy with the interactions she had experienced to date with the Spring (and potentially other DV providers). Her focus was more on the fact that there was a conspiracy at the state and federal level that needed to be investigated. I requested that she forward information to me that she thought might     be relevant, though I did advise that an investigation of federal agencies and/or state law enforcement agencies was not something that I could offer.

She sent follow-up e-mails in mid-May with a significant amount of information related to her history beginning in 2006. I forwarded the information to Jodi Russell for her review and we subsequently determined that there was no new information that would require additional action on our part.

In June, Ms. Bostick sent additional emails stating that the persons she identified as her stalkers had made multiple attempts to reach her via phone, so I referred her to Jodi Russell for follow‐up. Ms Russell held an additional call to discuss the present concern for danger and safety. During this call, Ms. Bostick again shared her history with services in Florida, including that she was unwilling to work with agencies in Hillsborough county due to their collusion with the stalkers. Ms. Bostick again requested investigation into her stalkers and several agencies in Florida, as well as financial assistance to for an attorney to complete an investigation and/ or housing resources. Ms. Russell explained that our office does not provide direct services or direct financial relief and as a result spoke in great length with Ms. Bostick about resources she had already utilized and that may still be available to   her. Ms. Bostick has had a previous relationship with a certified domestic violence center that since determined that she was not eligible for continued services and has made referral to other partners. Certified domestic violence centers are required to provide services in accordance with statute and determine eligibility for services through need assessments completed with every person who requests services. Ms. Russell subsequently confirmed with the center that they are still willing to talk with Ms. Bostick about services that she may need, even if they do not provide    those services, in order to provide referral and support. 

Ms. Bostick additionally identified that there was an agency she had previously had a good relationship with when she was in need of housing, Grace Point Behavioral Health. Because that was a positive experience, Ms. Russell suggested that they may be a good resource for her now. As had been determined in prior conversations, it is of importance that Ms. Bostick is able to work with local agencies who provide direct service and are able to complete comprehensive assessments for appropriate services. Our office is unable to provide such assessment, or the financial resources requested. We encouraged her to speak with Grace Point and offered that she may call the Florida Domestic Violence Hotline anytime for emotional support. In addition, as a source of information and referral, Ms. Russell discussed that too because Ms. Bostick  has not previously been successful in having an investigation completed to her satisfaction through the Office of the Attorney General, Office of the Inspector General, Office of Violence Against Women, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, she may need a private attorney or investigator to assist her. 

Please let us know if you have any further questions,

Melissa Jaacks, C.P.A. Chief Executive for Domestic Violence Services A copy of the report is enclosed for your review.

Based on this information, there were no issues that warrant a formal investigation by this office at this time.

I really appreciate you taking the time to make us all aware of your situation and I wish you all the best.


Anissa Southall

Intake Manager

Office of Inspector General

—-Original Message—–

From: HQW.IG.Complaints

Sent: Friday, October 2, 2020 4:28 PM

To: ‘Kathleenkellybostick@gmail.com‘ <Kathleenkellybostick@gmail.com>

Subject: Complaint 2020050144

Dear Ms. Bostick:

Thank you for contacting the Office of Inspector General concerning you being a victim of domestic violence.

The issues you reported fall within the jurisdiction of the Domestic Violence Program Office. As a result, your correspondence was forwarded to Domestic Violence Child Welfare Strategic Projects and Planning Deputy Assistant Secretary Jessica Tharpe for review and response to this office by October 14, 2020. When the Domestic Violence Office has completed its review of your concerns, you will be notified of their findings and corrective actions taken, if any, at that time.


Anissa F. Southall

Intake Manager

Office of Inspector General

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