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Hernando County Sheriff Internal Affairs Complaint

Internal Affairs Complaint Hernando County Sheriff

Edwards, Nichole (

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Internal Affairs Office

Hernando County Sheriff

Please consider this an Official Internal Affairs Complaint and request for investigation into the investigation of the DePalma homicides, including recent harassment involving Detective Phil Lakin. Please forward a copy to the appropriate departments as well as the Sheriff Al Neinhuis. I feel in immediate danger and request this be investigated immediately. Escalated activity by the Berisfords with threats to my children have us in a very dangerous position.

The attached letter along with other materials containing false allegations toward Kathleen Kelly Bostick, filed in Courts in both Hillsborough County, Florida and Washington State, are being circulated slandering and additionally harassing me, Kathleen Kelly Bostick, making reference to conversations and even encouragement of the Sheriff, Detective Phil Lakin, Brad King and Hogan Law Group including sworn statements that these predators have the ‘permission’ of these agencies to use materials to empower their false allegations.

It appears these parties are direct relatives, son of Brien Berisford, Thomas Berisford and his Mother, Trudy Fritz aka Berisford. Brien and Keith Berisford being persons of interest in these cases I consider this a very dangerous situation via third party and witness and evidence tampering in a double homicide. Complaints are filed to our webpages raising awareness and seeking assistance regarding the stalking and homicides as well as our memorial pages. Further, false allegations are being filed in Court, specifically referencing conversations with Phil Lakin in derrogatory nature toward Kathleen Bostick then further perjured statements that Bostick threatened these parties, not true the opposite happened, they threatened us then filed for protection using mention of Hernando agencies to empower their statements against us. These continued cycles are exhausting and very damaging. They only exist due to inaction of Hernando agencies toward prosecution of Berisfords and/or Hernando agencies actually assisting Berisfords in their terror on our family.

In addition to all of this, there are profiles contacting us with threats to our family.

Our family has been slandered by Hernando County Sheriff Office, now in addition we are again being targeted because of involvement with Berisfords, of Hernando Sheriff employee and other Hernando involved agencies?

Hernando was well aware in 2006, regarding the violence of the Berisfords preying on Kathleen Kelly Bostick then family members and this same activity has continued over a ten year span. It is vile and disgusting that public agencies would empower dangerous men with long histories of violence against women and children. lt is time to stop this harassment toward our family and pursue prosectuion of this very obvious and lengthy history of the Berisfords toward the Bosticks, Berisfords continued violence of stalking, slander, harassment, tampering with witnesses and evidence, attempted murder of my brother and murders in the DePalma homicides.

The lack of action of the Hernando agencies combined with the corrupt actions have caused our family extreme pain and over a multitude of horrific years we have been forced to endure these predators. Both law enforcent predators and true criminals with a proven history of violence.

I had to flee once again, terrified of these people when law enforcement should be taking action and will not help us. Not only have Hernando agencies refused to assist, they in addition have empowered dangerous, violent criminals further endangering our family and the public.

I again, request immediate prosecution of these men and these addtional family members/parties assisting them in their harassment, evidence and witness tampering. I further request that Detective Phil Lakin be held accountable for his continued involvement in harassing our family via Berisfords.

I am forwarding this letter to the FDLE and FBI requesting assistance as well. I obviously cannot feel safe or confident reporting anything to the Hernando County Sheriff without being further harassed. As a matter of fact, I feel further endangered. Yet, it is necessary for the sake of documenting this obvious pattern as a normal course of business for Hernando County agencies. It is terrifying to be in such a horrific position being preyed on, having family murdered and children targeted by dangerous predators to be additionally harassed when reaching for help. TEN years is way too long.

There is no question there is plenty of evidence of the Berisfords violence toward our family and plenty of witnesses. It is time for them to be in front of a jury in lieu of employees continuing to harass our family. Judge and Jury need to make this decision that is what we have a system for.

In the past, we were never notified that the Berisfords were taken in and questioned in Hernando County, as victims and well known to Hernando we should have been warned they were taken in because they absolutely have retaliated. We had no idea when Hernando wrongfully accused my son in April, 2008, two years after the homicides that the Berisfords had already been taken in and questioned. Hernando was absolutely informed of the violence against our family in 2006, and chose to ignore it and not follow up on my multiple calls or collect evidence of Keith Berisford’s violence, breakins, stalking, emails that they were informed of from our computer, records of burglary and items that Keith Berisford left at our home we were concerned were relative to murders which we clearly told Deputy Jeff Swartz, who told us to hold onto them if he needed it he would let us know. Additionally, Phil Lakin was also informed of this information. We have had continued retaliation since including the attempted murder of my brother just months after my son’s wrongful arrest and additional threats to my children. Had we known that the Berisfords had been taken in, maybe we could have better prepared ourselves for retaliation. We were not given that right which I believe directly contributed to addtional violence and continues by obvious pattern today.

The Hernando Sheriff office has not enforced the basic laws nor even arrested these dangerous predators which also has further endangered our lives and kept us from receiving any type of advocacy in navigating such horrific situation. Vile behavior. I am not sure which is worse, the killers, stalkers, or the misconduct of Hernando agencies. I would have to say from my experience it is the blatant misconduct further endangering us and the public.

These predators would not have been successful if Hillsborough and Hernando agencies would have taken action from the onset of stalking by Keith Berisford with a known history and active protective order from Washington with his ex wife. IF action were taken to stop them and enforce laws, they would not have been successful in taking our family lives, our family home, my career, my children’s opportunity of education and futures have been severly compromised we have been slandered and are now homeless all directly due to the inaction and further slander of the Hernando agencies who refuse to prosecute the Berisfords and further harassed our family. Please stop them! NOW!

The other court records filed by Trudy Fritz and Thomas Berisford, with false allegations naming assistance from Phil Lakin, Sheriff and Brad King, Hogan Law are in Washington, Benton County and Hillsborough County, Florida. Due to limited resources I could not scan the records so you will have to look them up. I do have copies and will present if need be. The attached letter has been circulated to multiple sites attacking our sites with false allegations. I want in writing, if these allegations are truth or not truth that these Hernando agencies are in fact communicating with Trudy Fritz and/or Thomas Berisford and/or other Berisford parties encouraging their actions. I consider this direct third party harassment by these people assisting the Berisfords in their criminal actions. For whatever reason, they have chosen to try to assist to protect the Berisfords criminal actions and possibly their own injecting themselves into this investigation. We have also seen this type of activity with Jennifer Berisford filing false allegations along with her husband, Keith. Thomas was previously arrested and served time in Hillsborough County for stealing autos while working with his Father, Brien in Hillsborough. I got that information directly from Trudy Fritz, on one of her phone calls to me. She told me Thomas was working with Brien, detailing cars and stealing them taking them to chop shops and getting paid approx 2k each. In addition, when the Berisfords started stalking Bosticks, they were using cars from the dealerships Brien worked at to stalk us and this also has been a pattern.

There is obviously an escalation and over the years what started with Keith and Brien Berisford has turned into multiple other members harassing us. I can understand Jennifer’s attempt to protect her husband who knows what he has told her but she perjured herself? THAT I disagree with. I can understand Trudy attempting to protect her son from further trouble with these guys, but she also is perjuring herself extremely so making up horrible lies, it makes them look worse. I cannot understand women, mothers, knowing the extent and danger of stalking and violence toward other women and children, including Trudy having been assaulted and having had previous protective order and police reports of assault by Marine MPs, why these women would get aggressive with me other than that they are directly tied to these criminal actions along with these men trying to protect themselves from prosecution yet they are creating more criminal actions by perjuring themselves and tampering with witnesses and evidence in a very serious double homicide investigation. I do not understand why they would inject themselves into such activity.

I am shocked that Thomas Berisford would perjure himself after already having done multiple years in prison after interaction with his Father and Uncle. Why would he go so far as to lie and attempt to file court documents against me when I never spoke to or did anything to him. Yes, I tied him and his business to his Uncle and Father, he is tied to them. They have mutual business the public should be concerned with their histories. Look what happened, he turned around got aggressive and filed false allegations extreme false allegations. Why would he do that if innocent? Why would he risk going after me with lies? There is a reason, there must be to motivate someone to do something like that and take such a risk with an exisiting criminal history and possible ties to these men and their violence.

These women, Jennifer Berisford, Trudy Berisford are also further endangering other women and children, the public with their actions including convoluting the investigation with distracting actions costing the tax payers and legal system time and money. Very angering when we are earnestly seeking help to see others abuse the system so severely.

I find it ironic that Hernando agencies refuse to speak to me on the phone yet, will converse with these criminals for empowerment.

This is an official request for prosecution, I request Hernando agencies prosecute the Berisfords for the murders of Patrick and Evelyn DePalma, their continued harassment and violence, stalking of the Bostick family, Kathleen Bostick and children. There is plenty of evidence and witnesses.

Additionally, immediate disciplinary action should be taken if in fact these Hernando County agency parties are conversing and encouraging this violence against our family. As soon as I can scan the other documents describing conversations with the Hernando agencies by the Berisfords I will file those with appropriate agencies with complaints as well.

I need help not further harassment this is absolutely ridiculous that this has gone on this long with these predators having such a history of violence toward our family as well as multiple other victims in multiple states, multiple victims in Washington, Florida including Anita Berisford previously in Hernando County. Five minutes from the murder scene.

I can be reached via this email or 813-900-7388.


Kathleen Kelly Bostick

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